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About Us

Sports World By MJ

Created by Mike Jordan to operate world wide.  We will continually search for world wide, high rated, quality, sporting good products for beginners up to advanced athletes.  We will strive to bring great products to athletes all across the globe at a great price.

 Mike Jordan grew up playing various sports and loved the competition and team building taught to him.  As an adult he coached various youth sport teams.  He has always enjoyed helping others and especially enjoys youth sports, camping, Nature, and the great outdoors. He is the father of two amazing children which also grew up loving sports and outdoor activities.

SportsWorldbyMJ.com has a mission plan to not only bring great athletic products but also educational, practice, safety, and other necessary supplies to athletes and nature lovers everywhere.

 Be sure to ad us on facebook, twitter, and other social media sites to receive coupons and special offers.  We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions on products. We will work with wholesalers and offer special prices to schools, coaches, youth programs, and large lot purchases.  

Send us an email at sportsworldbymj@gmail.com or to any other sites at sporstworldbymj.

 Thank you for stopping by and be sure to share our sites with friends and family.  Products will change often so be sure to stop by again soon.  Everyone knows a sports nut and our products make great gifts.

Sports World By MJ is for bringing hopes, happiness, smiles, dreams, and promotes world peace.  We appreciate your business, thank you.

Mike Jordan